Community Spotlight: Marshmallow Pop-In

Community Spotlight: Marshmallow Pop-In

September 21, 2015
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 Mallow3Some of you may have seen recent postings of my new #MarshmallowPopIn campaign, and I wanted to share a little bit about the how’s and why’s of these packaged pillows of deliciousness. And they are delicious!

I started making marshmallows back in 2009 for my family, and they really liked them. So, I kept making them and eventually got really good at it. Of course, the more marshmallows you make, the more people get to try them, and I am now starting to experiment with new flavors! I recently had a conversation with an amazing woman and she planted the idea of making beer marshmallows. Genius! Who doesn’t love a great craft beer AND marshmallows?

Eventually the idea blossomed into a marketing campaign for Heights Park Insurance Services. The Marshmallow Pop-in is born! It gives me the opportunity to do something that I really enjoy, while highlighting local products, and introducing myself to other local business owners and their crafts.

For my first marshmallow I knew I wanted to find a locally brewed beer. Since I live in Normal Heights and my office is on Adams Ave, I didn’t have to look too far to see Fall Brewing Co. Since opening in November 2014, Fall Brewing has been very successful. Their beer is delicious and they are a fantastic addition to the neighborhood. One of their more popular beers is the 2 am Bike Ride, a stout brewed with Dark Horse Coffee and vanilla.  

What is Dark Horse, you ask? Dark Horse is a coffee roaster that is less than a block away from Heights Park headquarters and they make a mean cup of coffee. Their roasts are fruity, nutty, and naturally sweet. I love walking to my office and smelling the beans roasting in the morning.

My first beer marshmallow was a success. Fall’s 2am Bike Ride has a strong aroma, which comes through nicely on the marshmallow. The roasted stout adds a nice caramel flavor to the sweetness of the marshmallow, finishing with the rich nuttiness of the coffee.

Stay tuned for more marshmallow to come, including some non-beer flavors. I’m also hoping to offer a vegan version for all of you plant eaters out there. And please, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more tasty insights on local businesses!



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